Friday, December 22, 2017

What is Power?

What is power?

Power is being avoided.  It is not being the one who avoids. 
Power is being watched.  It is not about doing the watching.
Power is others trying to control you.  Those who try to control others do not have the power.
Power is being seen and heard.  Even when you are silent.  Especially when you are silent.
Power is being able to be yourself.
Power is being free.  The more free you are, the more power you have.
Freedom also means freedom of the mind and of emotions.
Power is living your life.  It is the ability to engineer and create what you want out of life and live it.
Power is having choices.  The more choices, the better.
Power is knowledge.  And as they say, knowledge is power. 
Power is education and the tools to move forward in life, to ascend barriers. 
Power is having mobility. 
Power is fickle.  Sometimes it comes and sometimes it goes.  It waxes and wanes like the moon.
Hold on, it's a wild ride! 
Power is not the end goal in life - but it is a nice thing to have. 
Lastly, power is realizing you have power.  You may have more than you think.